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Journal of Electronic Dance Music Culture

ISSUE 6(2):


Feature Articles

"An Avatar . . . in a Physical Space": Researching the Mediated Immediacy of Electronic Dance Floors
— Botond Vitos

Competitive Remix Practice and Networks of Support in Electronic Dance Music Economies
— Jonathan Karpetz

On the Content and Contribution of MCs in British Drum ‘n’ Bass
— Alistair Fraser

From the Floor

This Place is my Place: Sunrise [Total Recall], West Indian Centre, Leeds, UK.
— Alice O'Grady

Astronauts, Psychonauts and Electronauts
— Graham St John

Towards a Granular Study of Scenes at Vancouver’s New Forms Festival
— tobias c. van Veen

How to Cure a Gabba
— Riccardo Balli


Apocalypso Disco: La rave-o-luzione della post techno (Riccardo Balli)
— Andrea Brighenti

Global Tribe: Technology, Spirituality and Psytrance (Graham St John)
— tobias c. van Veen

The Varieties of Ecstasy Experience (Sean Leneghan)
— Daniel Schnee

The Digital Musician (Andrew Hugill)
— Martin Koszolko

Popular Music Fandom: Identities, Roles and Practices (Mark Duffett ed.)
— Jadey O'Regan