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ISSUE 6(2):
Feature Articles
"An Avatar . . . in a Physical Space": Researching the Mediated Immediacy of Electronic Dance Floors— Botond Vitos
Competitive Remix Practice and Networks of Support in Electronic Dance Music Economies— Jonathan Karpetz
On the Content and Contribution of MCs in British Drum ‘n’ Bass— Alistair Fraser

From the Floor
This Place is my Place: Sunrise [Total Recall], West Indian Centre, Leeds, UK.— Alice O'Grady
Astronauts, Psychonauts and Electronauts— Graham St John
Towards a Granular Study of Scenes at Vancouver’s New Forms Festival— tobias c. van Veen
How to Cure a Gabba— Riccardo Balli

Apocalypso Disco: La rave-o-luzione della post techno (Riccardo Balli)— Andrea Brighenti
Global Tribe: Technology, Spirituality and Psytrance (Graham St John)— tobias c. van Veen
The Varieties of Ecstasy Experience (Sean Leneghan)— Daniel Schnee
The Digital Musician (Andrew Hugill)— Martin Koszolko
Popular Music Fandom: Identities, Roles and Practices (Mark Duffett ed.)— Jadey O'Regan
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