Dancecult Thanks

Ed Montano passed away on February 4, 2018. While we knew he had been battling cancer for 18 months, the news was a shock to us all. Ed was quite simply one of the good ones. He worked behind the scenes, put untold hours into the research community, and without a fuss. His dedication to Dancecult in various roles over almost a decade is legendary, not only for his professional attitude but because it expressed a noble service to the community, which was in many ways incomparable, as reflected in his capacity as Review Editor over seven years, but also as Operations Director, and before that Production Editor. As anyone who's volunteered to perform editorial duties like these for year after year knows, the only genuine reward in their performance is the joy of contributing to something greater than your self. Ed was instrumental in the formation of EDMC studies, not only through his dedication to these efforts by also for his research on festivals. Still young, he had so much more to offer. He also gave a lot of his time to IASPM and journal. The community really faces a tragic loss. This is a sad period for Ed’s wife Jo and kids, and also sad for Dancecult. There had been discussions over some years about a Dancecult conference at RMIT, where Ed worked, an idea that had to be shelved due to his illness. With news of what we thought was a recovery, he was still talking about the possibility of a conference at RMIT. So long Ed, we’ll be seeing you in the great conference afterparty at the end of time.


tobias c. van Veen, Dancecult's Managing Editor, who between 2010-2012, undertook the epic task of revisioning journal appearance, and who redesigned the logo, formed an efficient production team, oversaw a server transfer, acted as OJS frontman, overhauled the Dancecult Style Guide, and produced the HTML Production Guide, the InDesign Production Guide, and the Publishing Guide from scratch.

Cato Pulleyblank for a creative and complete redesign of the Dancecult logo, web banner, PDF layout and promotions.

Eliot Bates for launching Dancecult with its original logo design, PDF layout, and fearless wrangling with the OJS installation.

Todd Thille for Dancecult's original web design and banner.