DANCECULT ISSUE 10.1 now live

Dancecult: Journal of Electronic Dance Music Culture

Issue 10(1)

Algorithmic Electronic Dance Music

Guest Edited by Shelly Knotts and Nick Collins


Introduction to Algorithmic Electronic Dance Music
— Shelly Knotts and Nick Collins

Feature Articles

Cyclic Patterns of Movement Across Weaving, Epiplokē and Live Coding
— Alex McLean, Giovanni Fanfani and Ellen Harlizius-Klück

Spaces to Fail in: Negotiating Gender, Community and Technology in Algorave
— Joanne Armitage

An Interactive Algorithmic Music System for EDM
— Richard Savery

Rogue Two: Reflections on the Creative and Technological Development of the Audiovisual Duo—The Rebel Scum
— Ryan Ross Smith and Shawn Lawson

>From the Floor

Teaching Live Coding of Electronic Dance Music: A Case Study
— Lee Cheng

Saboritmico: A Report from the Dance Floor in Mexico
— Emilio Ocelotl, Luis N. Del Angel and Marianne Teixido

Limits in Algorithmic Dance Music
— Renick Bell

ALGOBABEZ: Writing code, Pushing Buttons
— Shelly Knotts and Joanne Armitage

Artist Statement
— Alexandra Cardenas

Luuma, Between Code and Controllerism
— Chris Keifer

¿Algoritmos? Algo ¡Ritmos!
Algorithms? Algo Rhythms!
— Esteban Betancur Guiterrez


Girl (dir. Kandeyce Jorden)
— Maren Hancock

Weekend Societies: Electronic Dance Music Festivals And Event-Cultures (ed. Graham St John)
— Charles De Ledesma

Frankenstein Goes to Holocaust: Mostri Sonori, Hyper Mash-up, Audio Espropri (Riccardo Balli)
— Paolo Magaudda

Popular Music, Digital Technology and Society (Nick Prior)
— Andreas Rauh

Playing with Something That Runs: Technology, Improvisation, and Composition in DJ and Laptop Performance (Mark J. Butler) 
— Toby Young