Dancecult Issue 13(1) now live



> Feature Articles

Pop as Process: The Digitalization of Groove, Form and Time
- Anders Reuter

Black Feminism and the Violence of Disco
- Katharina von Pawel-Rammingen

Future Nostalgia? 21st Century Disco
- William D. J. Rees

Covid Nights: Crisis, and Street-level Institutions in Montreal and Beyond
- David Madden

Challenges to British Nightclubs During and After the Covid-19 Pandemic
- Ewa Mazierska and Tony Rigg

Dancing with Dumont: Individualism at an Early Morning Melbourne Rave
- Matthew Phillips

Golden Section Proportionality in the Music of dZihan and Kamien
- Dave Collins and Michael Dunn

> Transpositions

Grand Paris and Electronic Dance Music: Nightlife Policies, Neoliberal Urban Planning, and the Gentrification of the Banlieues
- Samuel Lamontagne

> From the Floor

Out of Love: EDM Tourism to Ibiza and the Repression of Local Cultural Identity
- Philip Hayward

Beyond Club Cultures: The Mobile DJ and Devotional Music in North India
- Bharat S

Dance Librarian: Sonic Explorations of the Bandcamp Underground
- Botond Vitos

Mexican Sonidero Sound System Culture in Times of Covid-19
- Moses Iten

The Production of Space in Chicago Footwork
- Adam Laurence

> Reviews

Exploring Nightlife: Space, Society and Governance (Jordi Nofre and Adam Eldridge, eds)
- Fiona Hutton

Dutch Dance, 1988-2018: How the Netherlands Took the Lead in Electronic Music Culture (Mark van Bergen, Trans. Andrew Cartwright)
- Sean Nye

The New Age of Electronic Dance Music and Club Culture (Anita Jóri, Martin Lücke, eds)
- Tom Smith

Join The Future: Bleep Techno and the Birth of British Bass Music (Matt Anniss)
- Ian Trowell