Cyclic Patterns of Movement across Weaving, Epiplokē and Live Coding

  • Alex McLean Deutsches Museum, Munich
  • Giovanni Fanfani Deutsches Museum, Munich
  • Ellen Harlizius-Klück Deutsches Museum, Munich
Keywords: Epiploke, Pattern, Live coding, Weaving, Algorave


This article hosts an interdisciplinary exploration of cyclic rhythmic structures, bringing together historical references to ground understanding of algorithmic electronic dance music, and in particular the algorave movement. The role of pattern in uniting dance, music and language is investigated in the ancient practice of weaving, in ancient Greek choral lyric, and contemporary live coding. In this context the TidalCycles environment is introduced, with some visual and audio examples. Cyclic metrical patterns in ancient Greek are then explored in detail, particularly the metrical transformations of Epiplokē. Finally, this jump between contemporary and ancient practice leads us to consider algorave itself as a Luddite movement, its proponents engaged in an unravelling of technology.

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