Baby Raves

Youth, Adulthood and Ageing in Contemporary British EDM Culture


  • Zoe Armour De Montfort University



This article begins with a reconsideration of the parameters of age in translocal EDM sound system and (super)club culture through the conceptualisation of a fluid multigenerationality in which attendees at EDM-events encompass a spectrum of ages from 0–75 years. Since the 1980s, it remains the case that the culture is fuelled through a constant influx of newcomers who are predominantly emerging youth, yet there are post-youth members in middle adulthood and later life that are also a growing body that continues to attend EDM-events. In this context, the baby rave initiative (2004–present) has capitalised on a gap in the family entertainment market and created a new chapter in (super)club and festival culture. I argue that the event is a catalyst for live heritage in which the accompanying children (aged from 0–12 years) temporarily become the beneficiaries of their parent’s attendee heritage and performance of an unauthored heritage.

Author Biography

Zoe Armour, De Montfort University

Sessional Lecturer/PhD research student.






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