Full Penetration: The Integration of Psychedelic Electronic Dance Music and Culture into the Israeli Mainstream

  • Joshua Schmidt Ben-Gurion University of the Negev
Keywords: psytrance, secular and religious Israeli youth, mesibot, dosibot, post-Zionism, paradox


Although psychedelic electronic dance music and culture (PEDMC) networks exist across the planet, in Israel this subculture has attained a high degree of mainstream national/cultural prominence. Based on an ongoing ethnographic project, this article discusses Israeli (P)EDMC by comparing and contrasting the multi-functional roles that this music culture plays for two generally non-related local populations—secular and orthodox youth. It examines the way these communities utilize trance-dance parties to serve their community and their specific needs, and how, in turn, these uses reflect the current socio-cultural circumstances and conditions particular to each group. 

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