A Proposed Typology of Sampled Material Within Electronic Dance Music


  • Robert Ratcliffe Keele University / Manchester Metropolitan University


EDM, sample, sampling, musical borrowing, production, composition, electroacoustic, mimesis, transcontextuality, spectromorphology, source bonding


The following article contains a proposed typology of sampled material within electronic dance music (EDM). The typology offers a system of classification that takes into account the sonic, musical and referential properties of sampled elements, while also considering the technical realisation of material and the compositional intentions of the producer/DJ. Illustrated with supporting examples drawn from a wide variety of artists and sub-genres, the article seeks to address the current lack of research on the subject of sample-based composition and production, and provide a theoretical framework for further discussion of EDM sampling practices. In addition, it demonstrates how concepts and terminology derived from the field of electroacoustic music may be successfully applied to the study and analysis of EDM, resulting in an expanded analytical methodology.

Author Biography

Robert Ratcliffe, Keele University / Manchester Metropolitan University

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