A Danceable Shower of Bullets

Sound Morphologies, Concrescence and Neurosis in the Genesis of an EDM Beat


The processes that lead from volt-mix to tamborzão, two bases (beats) of funk carioca (funk from the greater Rio de Janeiro city), are analysed with reference to Pierre Schaeffer’s typo-morphology of sonic objects (1966). Such transformations are viewed as instances of Gilbert Simondon’s concretization (1958). They are synchronous with changes in the geopolitics and human geography of bailes funk (funk dances). As the volt-mix morphs into the tamborzão, the epicentre of these events moves from clubs in the suburbs and periphery to favelas, and funkeiros (funksters) become subjected to tensions arising from control of their spaces by rival factions of illicit substance retailers. These shifts coincide with the rise of a human character, the neurótico (neurotic), and with the collective feeling of neurose (neurosis) associated with circulating in those territories, as Carla Mattos’s ethnography demonstrates (2006).

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