What to Ask Women Composers: Feminist Fieldwork in Electronic Dance Music


  • Magdalena Olszanowski Concordia University


electronic dance music, feminist fieldwork, women electronic music composers, gender and music, gender and technology, research-creation, friendship-as-method


This article reflects upon the research methods employed for microfemininewarfare (2012), an interactive database documentary that investigates female electronic dance music (EDM) artists. The purpose of the documentary is to feature the contributions of women as composers, to show how they came to be composers and to reveal the tactics used to approach significant issues of gender in the male-dominated world of EDM. I highlight the theoretical and methodological processes that went into the making of this documentary, subtitled “exploring women’s space in electronic music”. By constructing “electronic music by women” as a category, two objectives are addressed: first, the visibility of women’s contribution to the musical tradition is heightened; and, second, it allows an exploration of the broadening of discourses about female subjectivity. This article showcases feminist research-creation and friendship-as-method as effective research methods to glean meaningful content when applied to EDM fieldwork.

Author Biography

Magdalena Olszanowski, Concordia University

PhD Student, Concordia University






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